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Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

Nutrition, or what they really eat

I’ve printed reams of healthy recipes, studied and admired vegetable heavy meals on all the best kiddy webpages. Vegetables have been disguised, shredded, pulverized, made into plate pictures and sung … Continue reading

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Mess & Filth. Or Our House. Why it’s so dirty.

It’s about time I did a list.  Everyone is doing them.   Parenting is a dirty messy filthy business.  There is mess you expect such as lego, books, toys along with … Continue reading

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A super day with the Gruffalo

I won tickets (I am a notorious winner in the 25 word category) to see Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo and many other stories, perform and sing her songs … Continue reading

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There is a scare about imported frozen fruit.  Don’t be scared. Freeze your own.  For some reason my little hectics love stuff either frozen or on a stick.  They eat … Continue reading

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The Big Debates

This vs That Natural vs Science Idiot vs Other Idiot Private vs Public; Vaccinate vs Anti-Vacc; Breast vs Formula; Coconut Oil vs Everything We had Head lice and nits last … Continue reading

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Guess how much I paid?

Five items, three books and two activity packs, all for $12.98. There are a couple of bargain book places around the city, some near train stations, some in shopping centres … Continue reading

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When your phone camera is hijacked by midgets

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