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Turmeric Latte; so hip right now

It might be a Gywneth thing, it might be a hip thing, but right now I actually like this drink.  Maybe because I’ve normalised this drink.  No Almond milk, just organic cow.  No coconut or stevia or alternative sweeteners.

Here is Hectic Mum’s version of the Turmeric latte in a mug.

But the way, fresh Turmeric is really cheap.  This box was $1.90 from the greengrocer in Marrickville.   They also sold watercress for 99c a bunch; which is incidentally the king of superfoods.


turmeric, pepper, milk, honey, ginger.


Microplane, strainer, saucepan, mug

Measure one cup of milk and place in saucepan.

Grate 1 x teaspoon of garlic and 1 x teaspoon of turmeric

Blob of honey

1/4 teaspoon of pepper.  This ‘activates’ the turmeric.  Activate is another annoying hip word, but according to Time magazine, pepper does improve the properties of the turmeric.  A bit like tomato and basil go well together.  You won’t notice the pepper.

Stir, heat and when hot enough strain milk into mug.

slug it down.


Glass or mug?



Straining is a good idea.  Lots of debris


Ingredients and Utensils.  Milk & honey from Aldi



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