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Vaccine Scares ~ again

Dr Peppa Pig

So Robert De Niro thinks the voice of a debunked doctor, the one who said there was a link between vaccines and autism, deserves a film slot at his TriBeCa film festival and his patronage.  He was persuaded not to show the film.   It can go underground and the anti-vaxxers can say ‘they have the truth’.  Robert De Niro will just have to wait.

Meanwhile another internet meme is going around about the ‘lead scientist’ on the HPV vaccine says ‘she has to come clean’ & ‘can’t sleep at night’ as the vaccine has caused deaths in young girls.

I’d rather read the story on IFLScience or The Skeptical Raptor than Anonymous.  Somehow a science reporter seems more credible.  If there really is a ‘cover up’ I’d like to see a group of scientists write peer-reviewed articles on the same research.

The ability to test the hypothesis and recreate a experiment is how the original misleading article on the link between Autism and the MMR vaccine (for measles, mumps and rubella) was unraveled.  Other scientists did not get the same results. You see scientists do all the discrediting work.   When one scientist tries to replicate the same results and doesn’t it start to sniff a bit bad.  When whole bunch of them get the same different result a bit of discrediting goes on.

Like the vaccines cause autism doctor….

“there is now no respectable body of opinion which supports [Dr. Wakefield’s] hypothesis, that MMR vaccine and autism/enterocolitis are causally linked.”[33]

As for the  HPV vaccine, it may be a coincidence that a recent study, published in The Lancet, this month, reinforces the predicted 50% drop in infections.  I can’t link to the The Lancet but here is the cancer council article.

Do the crazy anti-science, anti medicine internet believers have a media factory somewhere ? Just like Putin’s troll media company?

I’ll leave you with the final research from this uber-credible website on the truth about autism and vaccines











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