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The morning of the party I texted the birthday girl’s mum to say we couldn’t come to her girls’ 4th birthday.  My girl had a fever and the party was to be in a play centre.  Too active, too hot and noisy for her lethargic self.   I paused and thought of the uproar a recent no-show caused another Mum after she was sent a bill for the party she couldn’t attend.

Most play centres only charge for the number on the day, I assumed, and with a nice text back from the mum shortly after I sent mine I was content with our social niceties in play.

As for the present I had purposely bought a book and would have added a few extras from the present cupboard.     You know the box or bag of stuff that you keep for emergency presents?  small toys, books, duplicate presents you put back for re-gifting and stuff you found on sale.

A few weeks later at another everyone-in-the-class party I brought along the book and wanted to give it to the girl.  I went up to the Mum and told her that sorry we missed the party but I had chosen a book and I’ll give it to my daughter to give to yours.   This is where I think I either have no -idea how to read people or you just don’t give presents to people when you missed their party.   It just felt like the wrong thing to do.  The mother’s face was just closed.  No thank you, No smile, just blank. I  gave the present to my daughter who gave it her daughter.

But lets just add another layer to this.  I don’t think the mum liked me, and my daughter is not a great friend of her daughter, but etiquette and good manners overtake these issues, in my opinion.  I just wanted to give the book to the person I bought it for.

Would you give a present if you missed the party?


Present fail

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