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Nutrition, or what they really eat

I’ve printed reams of healthy recipes, studied and admired vegetable heavy meals on all the best kiddy webpages. Vegetables have been disguised, shredded, pulverized, made into plate pictures and sung and flown into their open mouths, only to be spat out or ignored.

Last month I hand-made lamb rissoles with a home made tomato sauce.  Delicious said the husband.  Yuck said the kids.  It’s too healthy said the husband.  We want noodles said the kids.

When craft starts looking like the dogs dinner

When craft starts looking like the dogs dinner

These are the guaranteed things they will eat, apart from cake.

  1. 2 minute noodles
  2. Plain rice
  3. Sausages
  4. Pre-made ravioli
  5. Calamari with mayonnaise
  6. Ham & Pineapple Pizza; also know as ‘Hawaiian’
  7. Cucumber
  8. Frozen Peas;  but only in a bowl each and never cooked.
  9. Raw carrot but not cooked carrot
  10. Lebanese bread with hummus
  11. Edamame (Japanese soy beans)
  12. Boiled Egg whites not the yolk, but will eat scrambled eggs
  13. Bacon juice.   Suck bacon, spit it out when juice is gone.  Feed remainder to the dog.

Basically frozen green things, sometimes hot green things, cold rice, cold pasta, cold sausages, mayonnaise but not tomato sauce and always peanut butter toast but not satay chicken. All served in separate bowls.

And for another weird reason if I put everything on one plate – ‘the shared plate’ and place in between them on the table they will fight to eat it all but not if I serve them on their own plates.

My kids will not eat quinoa, kale, spinach or tomato but they will eat soy beans, peas, cucumber and carrots. Feeding kids is bizarre.


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