Hectic Mum

Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

The Big Debates

This vs That

Natural vs Science

Idiot vs Other Idiot

Private vs Public; Vaccinate vs Anti-Vacc; Breast vs Formula;

Coconut Oil vs Everything

We had Head lice and nits last month.  I took the Dept of Health’s advice and used a formulation that was scientifically tested along with constant combing.  It was a pain but I knew that it was.  All the advice said it would take a few weeks of attention. I would love that a few squirts of coconut oil and lavender did the same job, but is doesn’t.

The vaccination letter came from the doctor’s this week as Miss is now 4 and ready for another bunch of needles.  Hopefully we are au fait with needles and instruments.

We have been practising with the Peppa Pig Doctor’s Kit for months now.

photo 1-2

Because of the measles debate recently it’s been fun reading comments, mostly by Americans, who get stuck on personal choice vs public responsibility and it starts reading like a gun control argument.

Personally I’ll quote Roald Dahl or even, forbids, Australian Medical Association. Roald Dalh’s letter about losing his daughter, Olivia, to measles highlights that it is a dangerous disease but it can be eradicated (Australia is officially measles free)

Tim Minchin is a surprise quoter, but then both his parents and grandfather are medical.  Put aside 10 minutes and watch Storm, an animated film about a debate over dinner with a hippy called Storm about alternative theories vs Medicine and Science.

Parenting is one long debate about what’s best.  It can get tiring as eventually you realise some are not debates, they are just ways of being a parent. If you haven’t seen this 2.39 min video it’s time to ‘Do yourself a favour’

The Mother ‘hood official Video


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