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Guess how much I paid?

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Five items, three books and two activity packs, all for $12.98.

There are a couple of bargain book places around the city, some near train stations, some in shopping centres but Basement Books at Central Station takes the cronut.

A friend and I had a joke in our working days about ‘train station fashion’.  There are heaps of cheap chinese clothing shops around the city train stations and you can often find bargain work clothes.  Simple dresses, little cardigans… things you can integrate with good shoes and hair.  Nowadays it’s the other train station shops, the books, toys and end-of-day food boxes with texta prices on the lids.

I had the two tornadoes with me, on the way to cash in on our Powerhouse Museum Membership, and there was Basement Books, just after the Devonshire Street tunnel.   15 minutes of rummaging in their pristine children’s book section I stopped at 5 books.  I turned to look at the mess my kids had made, quickly shoved it all back and ran to the check out.  The only way to get my kids out of a shop is to make a race of it.  “First one to the counter is a winner! ”

The Waybaloo wipe book is a winner for Miss 4.   I love anything by Julia Donaldson (The Gruffalo author) and Thomas and Chuggington delight the 2 year old boy.


Free shipping for orders over $30 or $5.95 under $30.

Hey, no needs for ads or sponsored pages. I do it myself 🙂


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