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How to have 2 Frozen Parties

Why would anyone have two parties?  cray cray parents.  no.   It’s summer, high summer.  We have a small house and nice backyard perfect for 25 kids, parents, odd friends and a ‘Summer Frozen Party’.   We were ready to use ice for good and not evil.  It poured with rain that day. We factored in the cost of 4 kilos of cooked sausages and sensibly cancelled the first party.

However, a few people begged to come over.  They had made cupcakes, their kids were bored, they couldn’t make the next week and, of course, one mum turned up because her phone had died and she didn’t get the message.   The most important person was the godmother, the maker of the cakes. She had made 2 cakes.  One Elsa and one Anna cake.  The Elsa cake came over and we saved Anna for next week.

So we had 8 kids, a few adults and a practice Frozen party.  It was quiet and every child found a corner of the house to play with toys.

Elsa cake DSC06117 DSC06118

Look, no dress but still the heels.

We gave away about half the sausages that week and bought another 3 kilos for Part 2 of the Party.  The sunny day version of a Frozen party…. to be continued


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