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Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

Being 4


 2015.  Frozen Parties are all the rage.  Hard to have a Frozen party in a Sydney Summer but we used frozen ice for good and not evil.


1977.  Star Wars launches and changes the dreams of small children everywhere.  A 70’s childhood must also contain denim (as a couch) plus orange and brown overalls and matching skivvy and boots
1971.  Laura Ashley and Folksy prints are huge.. anyone see a similarity with our dress tastes? 

Chloe turned 4 last week. We had a combined Frozen party with her 6 day older cousin.  One was Anna and one was Elsa.  It all reminds me of the Frida/ Agnetha Debate.  History is all about the blonde verses the brunette..

Leading up to her 4th birthday, both her Dad and I discussed the 4th birthday as one our first strong memories.  I was obsessed by my red shoes, my mouse brooch and having a gingerbread house birthday cake.  Toby remembers seeing Star Wars on his 4th birthday in 1977 which is now seared into his psyche. Chloe will probably remember she was given 10 mini bottles of nail polish for her birthday; which she then proceeded to paint, liberally, everyones nails.

Do you have an early birthday memory?  Which birthday do you remember first?


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