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Books about the Sea

We went to the beach on New Year’s Day.  Feeling all sandy and hot from the sun it inspired certain types of book for the night reading.  I sometimes take inspiration from the day and choose a bunch of books for the bedtime reading.


Alexander’s Outing by Pamela Allen.  Not a ‘beach book’ but one about Sydney on a lovely day.  It features a family of ducks who live in the Botanic Gardens.  We talked about the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, the fountain in Hyde Park and ducks are his favourite animals, after pigs.  Oink!  Quack!   Lots of noises and quacking. photo 2

‘Commotion in the Ocean’ – great colours and rhymes.  They like to shout out the creatures on each page.

photo 3

We all love Harry books.  From Harry the Dirty Dog to No Roses for Harry.  I found this one in a book fair with all it’s library stickers on.  ‘Harry by the Sea’ deals with the same mistaken identity issue… is it Harry? and he can’t find his family because all the beach umbrellas are the same.

photo 5

We finished with ‘Grandpa and Thomas’ also by Pamela Allen.  I like to finish with a quiet book; one that suggests going to bed, where the characters either say good night or they all go to bed.  This story has a soft sound of the sea after each activity at the beach.   It was much like our day, building sandcastles, splashing in the water, but as the Husband and I agreed, it has a certain melancholy to it, a gentleness that relaxes the kids when you read it.

photo 4

Do you have any favourite beach or sea books?


One comment on “Books about the Sea

  1. Eeh Bah Mum
    January 3, 2015

    Have you read ‘Im the biggest thing in the ocean’ ? both mine LOVE it and it’s clever funny too.


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