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Finally Craft ! Making biscuits

It took a few trips to Riot Arts and Craft store, questions about why I was saving cardboard pieces around the house, but I finally got my craft act together.  After trawling pinterest and American craft mom blogs (which have a level of craft that is scary) here is my first combined craft attempt.  As you can see it starts off well.
Today we are making ‘biscuits’.  We have those cute kiddy ovens but nothing to cook, apart from shells and dirt, so time to make something nice.  Also I refuse to make more and more cupcakes.  Pretend cupcakes are so much healthier (or maybe not)
Start with a biscuit base, or round bits of cardboard
Add the icing, or random bits of foam or coloured paper
Then decorate with stamped out flowers and stars.  We used a cut-out stamper (another trip to Riot)
Assemble with a glue stick
It starts off well.
Everyone always has their own way of decorating.  Must remember to have two glue sticks.  Sharing one was bad idea
Take everyones biscuits, including your siblings, who lost track after you kept telling him how to do it properly and kept taking the glue stick off you, and put in the oven.  
Play with the dials a lot and determined your own cooking time, usually about 1 min
2 weeks later.  Many parts of the biscuits are floating around the house.  Kiddie safe glue sticks are great for their safety but not the ongoing rigourous needs of a play biscuit.
Note:   She is 3.5 & he is 20 months.  It worked for her but he was a little confused.
Idea inspired by Green Owl Art

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