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Things you didn’t know you need

I’ve been listing things to buy when I get my tax refund.  Simple things like more sensible shoes,  a swimming costume,  a jacket to wear while standing around in blowy playgrounds.  The latest Marc Jacobs bag is not on that list.

However there are some things which I need, which I didn’t know I need.

I need sticks, poles, long rules, flat brooms, maybe those long rubbish collector arms with claw-like prongs.  A series of things which are longer and thinner than my arms.  Things that can help me retrieve objects, toys, bit of toys, puzzle pieces, small cars, hair clips and lego, especially lego from between beds, under couches,  back of the shelves, deep beneath the fridge, basically anywhere that toys go that my arms and a wooden spoon are not reaching.  Places the 3 and almost 2 yr old think are good places to throw a very needed and precious object.

I really like my tiny dinosaur, thinks Mr Almost-2,  but lets see how fast it disappears from my hands and my vision if I drop it out the window and down the musty side of the house?  (must add disposable gloves to list)

I’ve thought of using the vacuum cleaner but it’s such a palaver to get it out, suck out everything, hear the toy go down the tube and then open and separate it from the dusty mess.

The problem with finding stuff under something is the kids think that’s where it lives.  Yesterday I cleaned under the fridge.  My pen lid had been tossed under there a few weeks ago and I finally found an old ruler to use to scrap under the fridge.  Mr Almost 2 was watching and delighted himself with the magnetic letters that ‘magically’ keep sliding out every time I wiggled the ruler under the fridge.   He then spent the next 30 mins arranging letters on the fridge.  Bonus quiet activity time, I thought.

This morning all the letters are back under the fridge.  Guess who wants to see Mummy lying on the floor sticking a ruler under the fridge again?

update:  those cleaning claw sticks are called ‘nifty nabbers’  “great for urinals, broken items and sticky objects’.

nifty nabbers

laziness cured


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