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Birthday summary

dog in bed, best sleep

this is how to sleep

Why do you get appliances for your birthday when you’re a Mum?

Co-inciding with my birthday we bought a dryer.  Faux-husband joked it was for the birthday.  Not funny.  He did buy something else, appliance wise which we both can share… more about that later.

I drive a friend’s son to school on Fridays and last Friday was my 46th birthday.  I left home at 7:15, drove for 70kms and got home at 9:30.  I then packed the small ones for playgroup, fed the dog and drove again.    My friend had coffee and scrambled eggs waiting for me.  My dog had re-gurgitated breakfast waiting for me.  Floorboards are a good thing.  I would hate to have found that on carpet.

The small things like playgroup and swings and too many biscuits.  On my birthday I just kept feeding them.  I don’t remember much about the day except larger small thing took too long to get to sleep and smaller small thing needed ibuprofen as he was developing a fever.  Faux-husband was on takeaway duty and was ordered to buy wine.

I think we watched a WW2 documentary before I remembered he said there was something in the car for me.  Knowing he bought it from the appliance shop I was half interested.  He jokingly wrapped it in the dog blanket while grandily presenting it to me.

Oh, it’s an electric blanket, I said, nice.  Sip some wine.
No, he said, it’s on a pillow top and I didn’t even look at the price.
How thoughtful, we can share MY present.

Being in auto-mum mode I took it and just put it on the bed (that means stripping the bed and putting everything back) Faux-husband would have left it for a few days but I like to open and use things.

The next night it was plugged in and switched on.


It’s soft, warm and switches itself off after an hour.  The pillow top is like plush warm sleepy inducing stuff.  My muscles, worn by lifting and running after small things, are instantly soothed.  When I have to get up for night duties the bed is warm and snuggly when I get back, not cold and slightly crispy.


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