Hectic Mum

Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

The snack bag

I am hopeless at snacks.  Or are my kids like me, always preferring other people’s food?

It’s the beginning of winter so there are less fruits around.  We have a few staple snacks in the bags.

Bananas, Mandarins, cheesy biscuits and a mix of sultanas and apricots.  Other items are rice crackers, grapes, strawberries and a cut up vegemite sandwich.   The first four items are ones I don’t have to prepare or put in special boxes.  When I’ve had sleep I do dip combos and cheese slices.  When I’ve had sleep the boxes are all clean and the bag is properly packed.  Otherwise it’s a last minute mess.

My snacks never look like this

My snacks never look like this

I don’t have pouchy yoghurt, fruit bar snacks or tiny teddy bickies.  Everything my kids love.   Or do they just like them because they are someone elses?

A few days ago there was about 30 minutes before dinner.  Which was going to be reheated sausages and rice so I thought,  let’s go and buy some more easy snack food, i.e bananas, grapes and mandarins.  Everyone, including the dog, was thrown into the car for that 10 minute drive to the fruit shop.  The 2.5yr old, the 8 month old and I just took that risk and I didn’t pack a single bag.  No water, no wipes, nothing.  We live from wipe to wipe so no spare anything in our house.  For one moment I wanted to go to the shop care free.

So the car battery decided to die. Outside the fruit shop.   And then I realised my phone was at home as well.   Part of me just wanted to wail and freak out but then it was getting close to dinner time, I could smell a pooey nappy and everyone was getting hungry.  The road service guys would take 60-90 minutes to reach us. I called on the fruit shop owners phone.

No snacks, no wipes but I did have a bunch of shops and some coin.  The way to get through an semi-crisis is to buy your way out with food.  Stuff they never see or eat and that you will have to explain for some time,  was a ‘special treat’ or in mummy speak, stuff I bought to keep you from wailing and making me look bad.  I bought cupcakes. Pretty little cupcakes.

Just when the cupcakes were finished did the road service guy arrive. He did his thing in 2 minutes flat and the car behaved like a car and started.  I had no back up plan for post cupcake so I was ludicrously enthusiastic about seeing this car guy and over explained everything to the 2.5 yr old about what the ‘car man’ was doing.

I am grateful to the few people who stopped and asked if they could help, particularly the two young P platers (who were still in their religious clothes & skull caps)  who went home and got their jump leads but failed to start the car.  Help is always appreciated.

Did I tell you I parked the family wagon (we have one with automatic sliding doors, it’s huge) like a drunk mother outside the fruit shop.  Only when you park badly is when you have a break down.


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