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Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

That stressful milestone, moving house with kids

After 2 weeks I can raise my head and know which way is north, how the sun sets and rises on our backyard and how to walk through the house in the dark and find the toilet.

We moved from a 2 bed apartment to a 3 bed house with backyard in old suburbia.  By old suburbia I mean some people have been here for over 50 years, and some just recently.  The suburb has gone through waves of different cultures and is now back in favour as a place to live.  We are 5 mins walk from the train station that services the city and eastern suburbs.  It’s talked about as one of the best train lines in Sydney.  We can drive 10 mins to the beach/ bay.  Again not a popular hip place but it’s really cheap.

Back to the move.  The moving truck arrived at 12pm and by my predictions it would take 5 hours to move. So we arrived, unpacked in the dark (suburban dark) then I had to feed the kids and get them to bed.  The first night only the baby slept in his bed.  We all slept on mattresses on the floor.  Tired. Stressed. Disorientated but my it’s quiet here.

Over the next few days our neighbours and street neighbours waved to us, stopped to chat and all said hello, welcome and offered advice from garbage nights to thoughts on the bakery at the end of the street. Unanimously they said it was a safe, friendly area.

When you look at a house to buy, you look at the size of the rooms, the flooring (carpet or timber) the view of the windows and the look of the street.  You don’t really open every cupboard, switch on lights and test the hot water. The cupboards are shallow and the wrong height for us (a short family must have built them), the hot water is great but the ceiling lights are from the ugly shop and fitted with super bright bulbs in all the bedrooms. I don’t like squinting when indoors.

This is a good move, a move that is right for us and our family but it still takes a lot of work to make it right for you.  The last place, with all it’s faults, was streamlined for our needs.  Garbage bin under the sink, keys and locks all worked, blinds and lights were set to our style.  Everything from finding a tea towel to walking out the door takes ages.  Things can’t be put where you think, the cupboards are wrong for your tall bottles and the door closes and locks behind you, so keep a set of keys in your pocket at all times!  2 yrs olds that like to close doors also can lock you out.

Internet was connected the next day but the TV wasn’t for 5 whole days.  I missed Eurovision.  I also found I am lost without TV.  The internet is just not the same.

The kids haven’t looked back.  They are too little to understand moving; they just accept where we are, their things are here and so are Mum & Dad and the dog.  The baby is now 8 months and crawling everywhere.  Like the dog and the 2yr old the slippery floorboards have surprised them.  They are like skittish cats on wet ice.  So we went to Ikea (so close) to buy lots of floor rugs.


I’ve been exploring everyday, trying new roads, new parks and new shops.   Some are good, some are cheap and some are crap but it’s such a different area of Sydney (I’ve swapped sushi shops for falafel and humous) it feels like a different city which is, to me, just fascinating and how the world is, everywhere is changing and just go with it… they all seem very friendly and I like the prices.


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