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Music for rainy days & 2 yr olds

Apart from the wonderful ABC 4 Kids 24/7 programs with no ads – you do need a backup of DVD’s to keep the rainy day tantrum free.

I’ve mentioned Justine Clarke before.   Music or nursery rhymes are big in our house.  Miss 2 can sing along, move and clap rather than just take in the action.  I’ve borrowed these from the library and apart from the first jaw-dropping video it’s become an instant hit and I’ve borrowed the other 2 in the series.

ABC shop The Wheels on the Bus

Why is it jaw-dropping?   The first 6 secs –
“Hello Darlings, Bev here… ” (damn WordPress free version doesn’t allow embedded videos..so here’s a screen shot)


The whole DVD is full of such surprises and Miss 2 loves seeing the other kids dance and sing.

The other super favourite is Fantasia 2000, the Disney film.  It’s long but the music and visuals are just beautiful so you won’t mind when they ask to watch is again and again.  I never get sick of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.




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