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Let’s talk – SHOES

Matchy Matchy.   A small child kept coming up to me in the playground and touching my pink shoes.  They are rather fetching.

I clearly remember a favourite pair of shoes.   They were red, shiny mary-janes and I was 4.  I believe in buying something practical but also something with imagination… shoes are an important childhood memory!

If you don’t already know, let me introduce you to this US brand, Saltwater Sandals.  They are well priced (under $85 for adults) and work in water with their non-slip sole.  For junior feet the soles are flexible which is important while their foot bones are still soft.   A big buckle means they can’t take them off and toss them from the pram too easily.

For an all leather shoe they are reasonable and you get that great leather wear-in feel. For big walks they are comfortable and firm… which means I should stop wearing my rubber thongs !

There are many US sites that sell the sandals cheaper than in Australia so shop around.   I bought mine from Me and My Feet, but other mums have bought from Amazon.  Some sites, like Zappos, don’t ship to Australia.

Our other two favourites are Melissa and Crocs.. (which I never thought I would recommend)  The Crocs came from an eBay sale and she loves them.   The benefit is they can start to learn putting them on themselves.  Her right shoe has a fairy decoration which helps her remember which foot is which.

Mini Melissa Pussy Cat shoes.  They even smell like bubble gum.

We had no chance to say no.  She put them on in the shop and did a happy dance.   That’s how you make Mummy buy shoes.  I will be buying these again when she grows out of them. 

The Crocs are the everyday shoe.  This style doesn’t appear on the Australian web site but might be a US shoe.  To me, it’s the nicest, non-Croc looking Croc shoe.

Measuring your child’s foot.

I forgot to mention, most measurements are in either inches or centimeters.  Try and get them while lying on their back if you have wriggly kids like mine.  Get a tape measure and measure both the cms and inches from the middle of the heel to the middle of the foot, basically through the centre of their foot.  Add a bit more to cover the big toe and you have their foot size.  Do this every 3 months or so and write it down.  It helps to know in inches because, for example a size 5 actually means 5 inches


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