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What’s playing in our house/ car/ in my head

I’ve lost all hesitation singing in public.   The faux-husband was instructed to sing Ole MacDonald this morning on the way to kindy.  He pushed the pram past a few bus stops full of bored communters with the 2 yr old jigling her feet while she yelled animals to sing about.  My they get bossy at aged 2.

Instead of reading books to her we must ‘sit beside me Mummy’ while she turns pages, uses some works. When we help turn a page we are scolded ‘No Mummy!, Chloe read (she talks about herself in the third person)

Part of this growing independence includes her ability to turn on the TV, place a DVD on the tray and press play.  She can’t work the remote but can press the simple buttons on the machine.  The disk does get crowded with toddler fingerprints and I’m sure she’ll yell out ‘Clean, Clean!” at some point soon.

The most requested songs in our house are all from one lady, Justine Clarke.  Her album “I love to sing’ is gorgeous, modern and fun.  She’s a very likeable, sing-a-long singer.  If you sing her songs, it’s more the enthusiasm and dancing that make it good rather than the real ability to sing.

The 2 yr old plays this everyday, twice a day.  It’s definitely her ‘happy place’.

For me, the album reminds me of my kindy-teacher Mum who introduced the album to me 5 yrs ago.  I love that this is my daughter’s favourite.  She would be delighted.


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