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Two outstanding Toy Companies

I’ve been floored by the customer service from two toy companies.
Galt Toys & BigJigs Toys

Neither has charged me for replacing the parts that were either broken or missing.  My email requests were answered in less than 6 hours.

Galt Toys replaced the inflatable ring from this playnest.

The six month old can sit upright, lean back, play with interactive pieces or kick about.  I really missed this item when the ring had a mysterious hole and kept deflating (which is a funny sight with a child in it).  In less than a week I have a free replacement and it came from the UK (to Australia, if you didn’t realise where this blog is coming from)

BigJigs is replacing the front panel of this doll’s house.  They emailed within a day but also showed the full email trail between staff.  Apparantely one of them is coming to Melbourne for a Toy Show and will post the new panel from there.  The 2 yr old is obsessed with opening and shutting things so the front door panel is sorely missed.


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This entry was posted on March 15, 2013 by in 6 months, bigjigs toys, customer service, dolls house, galt toys, playnest, rose cottage, toys.
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