Hectic Mum

Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

It feels like Christmas

39 weeks and 2 days.  Tomorrow he arrives & it feels like Christmas (without the donkey).  We are both excited and restless and irritable because of our excitement. 

We have prams and bassinets and new teeny weeny clothes and mini nappies and this time we are actually prepared.   The only factor is him, will he be the calm second child or the grumpy scratchy child?  Not concerned too much about his demeanour I just want to see him first.  So intriguing to finally see the face.  We have that scary 20 week 4 dimensional photo which makes him look like a claymation alien.  It may be my turn to claim a family feature.

My body has had enough of all this.  It’s like just before you go to the hairdresser and your hair starts playing up.  My leg muscles, back and lower gut are stretched and hurting.  From distant memory it’s like I’ve been on a horse for 2 days & I’m walking with bowed horsey legs as well.

I’m donating the cord blood, after chatting with the nurse last week, you can donate it, just like giving blood.  If you can afford you can keep and store the cord yourself (from memory it’s about $1,000) for future illness.  The cord is then kept for up to 20 years, is put on a worldwide database and can be sent anywhere it’s needed.  I will have no access to this as it is a donation.  You can only donate for weekday births as it needs to be stored quickly.

Most importantly, the media communication plan is in place.  Mobiles, computers, batteries, cords and cameras are all loaded and charged.  I made the mistake of posting the hospital photos on facebook 5 whole days after No 1 was born.  This time lag was too much for most & we have to post or tweet or sms within hours of birth.

I have only one concern and that is the baby himself.  Is he 100% healthy? did I do enough to feed and house him these last 9 months?   I will burn for proof in those surgery minutes, awaiting the cry of the freshly de-throned, the reassuring first glimpses of health and plump babyness and the smiling eyes of my baby daddy as we first lay eyes on him…..(before taking his first photo) that is what I’ve been thinking about most, that and today is our last day as a family of one.


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