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The Routine

Ever since No2 was announced we’ve thought about what No.1 needs to learn and what we need her to do.  She’ll be 20 months when No.2 is born in September, 7 weeks away.

Routine, routine, routine.

Wake 7 – 7:30
Breakfast: weat-bix, yoghurt and toast crusts
10am leave house for play, either park or pool or cafe
Lunch 12:30 – 1.
Home for a sleep 1 – 1:30.  Even if she doesn’t sleep she gets some quiet time and reads a book.  Most importantly Mummy gets a lie down and possible sleep
Awake 2:30
Afternoon tea – milk, sultanas and fruit
Out for another walk or up to the shops
Back by 5pm.
Dinner bet 5:30 – 6 – this is when Mummy watches all the quiz programs (Eggheads, Hot Seat and Letters and Numbers) while making dinner etc
Bath bet 6 & 6:30

And here is the crucial bit, the going to sleep bit.

Put on the TV.  Specifically, ABC for kids at 6:30 and watch ‘In the Night Garden‘.  It’s designed to quieten everyone down and ready for bed.  It’s genius.

We can even put on her pyjamas without chasing her around the room.  She sits quietly, mesmerised by the characters.  We turn most off the lights in the house and even sit with her (consequently we have all the songs in our heads as well).  They thoughtfully have everyone saying good night and going to sleep at the end of every show- nothing like the power of crowds.

The TV is turned off when it finishes.   And it’s time for bedtime.

Success. (see also blog post ‘The Cot’)

She does stay up later some nights but for the majority this is now our ‘magic routine’

Let’s see what happens when No 2 arrives in September…. mmm..


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