Hectic Mum

Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

In the 30’s

Just spent five puffy minutes lying on the bed, one leg up and crossed while I try to take off my gumboots.  I’m 32 weeks now and feeling the load.  I will only wear gumboots if I have someone at the other end to take them off for me.

With 8 weeks to go I have a special job to do.  To put on weight, keep fit and prepare.  If I focus on the purpose it will stop me from exhaustion.  When you are tired and keep reminding yourself you are tired it’s worse; you have to focus on your goal.  So I prepare and plan meals, take Miss 18mths to the park, exercise the dog which all takes twice as long in my waddling state.  But one day a week I have a big lie down.  When she’s at daycare I actually forced myself to just sit still, read a book and prehaps fall asleep (well I did, of course) despite the lego everywhere, the sink full of plastic boxes and unwalked dog.

I feel so dull writing all this but my brain has lost so much freedom.  I’ve had a couple of opportunities to blog but couldn’t.  Thinking of sentences felt like a chore.

Here’s a summary of the things I wanted to blog about.

I had an intruder in the middle of the night – but super dog barked him away.   I went straight back to sleep (that’s how important sleep is) and even the faux-husband keep sleeping through the barking festival.

The next day I had a car accident.  It was a slow speed prang into my rear.   The car is in for repairs for a week which is painful.  At the same time I received an audition notice for a quiz programme.

I continue to take people on fashion tours (my part time job) which involves walking and talking for 3 hours around various shops.   I do love this job and have a week left of tours before finishing up but physically I am so exhausted after.

And finally have just recovered from the longest flu I’ve ever had.  It lasted 4 weeks, I went through 3 boxes of tissues, upteem cough lollies and cups of honey/ ginger/ lemon tea.   Pregnancy prevents you from taking anything bar a paracetamol.  That’s why I was on the couch sleeping when the intruder came to the back door.

oh, and I haven’t put on weight in 6 weeks, which is the opposite of the un-pregnant world.  More chocolate, pie and pork belly for me.


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This entry was posted on July 21, 2012 by in 32 weeks.
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