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Second child panic

I meet one of the kindy mums today whose just had her second baby.  She said the words I knew were coming ‘Having a second will really change your life, because the first one just fits in, the second, all your plans are over’.  Thus begins the panic.

Panicking is a great middle of the night activity.   I worry about lack of sleep, money management,  preparing meals, walking the dog,  having too much hair – should I cut it all off? showering regularly –  so many small things that keep the house running and me fed and sane.

I worry about Chloe, at 16 months, and 20 months when the little master arrives, about giving her all the activities, stimulation and love I can.  Her joy is so addictive and I don’t want this to turn into jealous, tantrum behaviour.

There is still 3 more months to go.  The belly is getting huge, the walking is slowing down, the peeing is increasing and she is getting faster and more playful.  There’s another panic!  I imagine lumbering after her while she speeds to danger.  Mind you, it’s all good for my fitness having to keep active rather than lie like Lady Muck on the couch.

Then there’s the preparation.  We have a basic idea of things, from swaddling to feeding, but it’s really the action of having two.  While one is lying on the floor dribbling, the other is tearing around with bits of lego in her hands, followed by the dog.    While one is slurping on milk, which can take 20-40 mins, the other is falling over something and needs attention.  It’s the idea of not being able to meet their needs, along with sleep deprivation.  Crucially, can I get them to nap in sync?

Prams and car seats and nappies and clothes need to be organised.  What to do with the fabulous single pram ?  Do I really want to spend almost $2,000 on a double pram

What will little Master be like ? hoping for the classic chilled out second child, and a robust healthy one at that.

And then it’s about love.  I’m not into favourites, as my Grandmother Eileen would say ‘ I love all of you equally’ and she did, it’s the physical presence of two seperate people, and how to give them them the best for them, without favour.   I don’t know the little master yet and eager to see how he evolves, how she reacts and their sibling life together.  A big exciting task.

Ah, so many questions, and another 3 months to go.


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This entry was posted on June 15, 2012 by in panic, second child.
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