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Singing songs

I hate nursery rhymes…boring repetitve things… you sing to them & they just stare back at you like you’re mad.   Would rather skip this song stage and go straight to grown-up songs like Abba or Duran Duran.

At first I found singing and remembering all the nursery rhymes hard.  I was unsure of the words and didn’t enjoy singing.   ‘Row your boat’ has turned out a winner as we’ve found so much to do involving double handed rowing and lots of noises. Everyone seems to know different verses involving lions or pants being on fire and screaming at crocodiles.

I also had a hard emotion to combat in singing songs.  My lovely mother, who died almost 4 years ago, was a Kindy teacher, a piano player and a master nursery rhyme singer.  Mum just sang with enthusiasm, great facial movements and had a totally captured audience.  She knew all the latest songs and would pull out puppets from her (Gucci) handbag to entertain kids anywhere.  Our pot holder doubled as a shark in a story, friends kids would look at me with awe if they had been taught by her.  I felt pressured but also sad that Chloe would get flat-keyed-bored-Mummy as her singing teacher.

The local library does a singing rhyme time every Wednesday.  They provide bells, shakers and importantly a booklet of the words.  I go just to fill in the time usually, but recently I’ve had to overcome the choking tears as we sing certain songs.  The ones that Mum was best at.  I hope no-one can hear the croak in my voice as we start on frogs going ‘la-di-da-di-da’.   Who cries in the middle of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’?.  I do.  Being 6 months pregnant is also not helping.

To mask this I’ve become more enthusiastic myself.  I pull through that emotional trigger and sing louder, clap when no-one else does and make happy faces at the other kids.  Now the singing teacher looks at me with relief while the other mothers quietly mouth the words.  Without gusto I would be a weeping mess.  And everytime I sing those songs I think of Mum and how much fun she had singing them.  I’m finding my joy in them as well.


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This entry was posted on June 13, 2012 by in nursery rhymes, singing.
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