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Hello open-top delivery

I am not interested in a vaginal birth.  Never have been.  Ever since I’ve known about reproduction the vaginal thing is not for me.  The ripping, tearing, pushing, bloodiness of birth is somehow not on my bucket list.

I’ve had my cesarean and happy to go there again.  Its not fun, its no walk in the park,but I’m ready for the post-surgery discomfort, the immobility for 24 hours, the drugs, the scar, the catheter and all the rest just to avoid an unknown labour.

Whatever birth you want or parenting style you choose, so long as it’s healthy and legal, is fine by me.  My opinions are mine and I respect yours.  This is just how it is for me. 

As a public patient I won’t get the option straight off.  I’ll have to work on it.  I’ll use the age card and the time between births (less than 2 years) to assist in the decision making but at 16 weeks it’s too early to start demanding that with the midwives.

Long ago I gave up using the internet for advice on such topics.   You can find any article that promotes your point of view and the sources of that information are varied.  Is the author a doctor? a lobby group ? or written for an American or European audience ?   Birthing forums are full of stories about people you know nothing about, what is their age? their health? their lifestyle? their beliefs? I’ll use my GP and the team who knows about my health to make decisions.

Strangely; the men in my life, from relatives to professionals and of varing ages, encourage me to have a cesarean.  There is no cajolling, no regretful statements, just a straight forwardness in their conversation, almost as if vaginal birth is unnecessary.  Which can lead to all sorts of interesting theories as to why men are so encouraging.

We all have personal beliefs and dreams about pregnancy.  The first time I was fascinated by every stage and enjoyed the process of gestation. Each visit to the doctor, each scan was exciting.  I loved feeling my firm bulging stomach and the swooshing of my insides as she moved around.  What happened after she was born was a life I could not imagine as I knew nothing about newborns.  This time is completley opposite.  I can’t wait for the arrival and the pregnancy is a known quantity.  I tick off the weeks and just look forward to the end.

To me the birth is just a process.  I have faith in our public hospitals and the doctors, nurses and midwives who will help me get there.  The act of parenting is so vast and time consuming I have little interest in the short time the birth takes.  Get the baby out and get on with it, I say.


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This entry was posted on April 2, 2012 by in 16 weeks, birthing, cesarean, parenting, pregnancy.
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