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Crap TV

I am very good at speaking on behalf of my audience (because there is no-one there anyway) and generalising that we all have a TV show indulgence.  The Faux-Husband and I watch ‘The Biggest Loser’ which just shows how suitable we are for each other.  His personal favourite is Man Vs Wild to which I yell out ‘has he drunk his own piss yet?” or ‘what no raft building?”

My new TV show arrived this week, via a sneaky friend, and it’s Revenge.  A location indulgent, tight dress wearing, bare dialouge type of mini-series.  I sent the FH off to a party last night (go party, I order you!)  so I could stay home and watch it uniterrupted by the FH’s scornful remarks.

The only thing missing was a good bottle of wine.   Now I’m 16 weeks I felt it safe to pop a bottle and lie back and enjoy.  The champagne had enjoyed a record amount of time in my fridge – about 3 months – and that one glass matched the frothy tactics of the show.  Now to plot more activities for the Faux-Husband so I can watch the next 7 episodes.


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This entry was posted on April 1, 2012 by in 16 weeks, Man Vs Wild, Revenge, The Biggest Loser.
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