Hectic Mum

Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

No. 2 is underway

The results show I haven’t got a belly full of ice-cream but a squiggly baby thing.  I had that moment just when they applied the jelly stuff and were about to point the radar at my belly, that, maybe it was just a hoax, that I wasn’t really pregnant just a bit bloated.   I was relieved that there was something there but also it was only a one-something; not a two-something.  My siblings are twins so that fear was real.

We saw a wriggling mass of blueish sonic radar-ness that was really a nude pinky hairy thing in my uterus.  It was 11 weeks old and looking like a proper action fetus.  In the room with me was the faux-husband and our 14 month old. No 2 is due in September when No 1 will be 20 months.

We wanted to have ‘one more’  for many reasons;  we felt one child has made us parents but two will make us a family.  After that the faux-husband will have the operation, only fair, I’ve done the breeding part.

We are ready and not ready.   How can you know what will happen?  what is No.2 like?  At least we know a bit more about what to do much more than before (note:  we knew nothing the first time, really nothing) but how do you manage two?  when do you sleep again?   I’ll be seeking motherly advice from friends and family and randoms in playgrounds.


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This entry was posted on March 20, 2012 by in pregnancy, week 14.
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