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It’s oh so quiet

The almost 1 yr old started day care yesterday.  I was eager to drop her off and get back home to an empty, but dirty, house.  She was plonked into a high chair, given food and I ran off as quickly as possible.

I’ve been longing for some time alone, and not just a few hours when Faux-husband would walk her, but a really long day without the constant distraction, entertainment, feeding, finding toy pieces and cleaning that have been my day for the last year.   I was losing my enthusiasm for parenting, plus feeling worn by about midday, and realising the day was only a little bit over.  Thoughts of gin and white wine entered my head.    I saw mothers sitting in pubs and thought I may do the same. (note: I live near Redfern so ‘mothers in pubs’ is not a good look)

The first day I vacummed the house,  the little one is afraid, no, petrified of the vacumm. Then I went for a swim, cooked a bit, had a sleep, applied for jobs, went on facebook, washed the sheets, and then it was pick- up time.. by then I was eager to see her.  I missed her little hands grabbing and patting me constantly, I want to see her eyes show the curiosity of my activities.  Having her home in the evening I was energised, I played and talked and we had fun.

She’s in daycare for two days a week & I can finally blog and write again….oh, and look for a job.


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This entry was posted on January 9, 2012 by in daycare.
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