Hectic Mum

Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic


I try not to compare Miss10 months with other kids.  She’s developing and doing stuff which is different to other kids.  She responds differently, she’s attracted to different things. Comparing her growth or abilities with other kids will happen all her life.  Some things she does will make me quizzical, proud or worried but I will have to live with that & accept whatever she is.

For example she has no teeth but she is about to start walking.  Advanced in one direction, behind in another…but everything is entirely within a normal spectrum.  I could be anxious about her teeth but I know anxiety is a wasted emotion and, again, I don’t want to be that parent.

What other kids do is fascinating.  I love watching and seeing my mothers group kids all do things differently.  They make different faces, are different shapes and weights and heights.  I am genuinely interested in what makes us proud & delighted as parents.

The issue of comparison will occur through out my life as a parent.  What she can do and what others can or can’t.   I’ve never had to deal with parent competitiveness before and as a goal I don’t want to be that type of parent.

When she is older she will feel the pain of comparison.  Comparing her school marks, amount of toys, size of her tummy, lack of boyfriends etc.  This is something that will happen and the only cure I know for this is a good amount of philosophical understanding… that we are all different and all wonderful in our difference… to love and be confident in  yourself.


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