Hectic Mum

Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

Plotting her sleeps

I plan her sleeps (miss 9 months) around my sleepiness.  I’ve kept her awake all morning so she will sleep this afternoon.  This is my sleepy time, my siesta time.   Like clockwork I am tired between 2 & 4pm.  I should be Spanish.

My need to nap in the afternoon is legendary.  I just have one of those body clocks. In fact that can be my first picture book idea.. the sleepy koala. Apparantely koala’s sleep for 17 hours a day.   I am a sleeper and I’m much nicer when i sleep properly (and have a nap)

I get sleepy in cars, buses, trains.. movement sends me nodding. I like an eye cover when napping. I have two eye patches.  It’s taken years to get them right.  The elastic has to be soft but strong, the material silky and must have a dark lining.   I bought two in case I lost one and panicked.

If I exercised I would be both energetic and then really sleepy.. it’s just doesn’t go way my afternoon sleepiness.  Sometimes news stories talk of the benefits of naps & some businesses have them for employees.  I would work at such a company just for the nap time.

Anyhoo.. off to sleep x


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