Hectic Mum

Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

Mummy manners

Maybe I’m old, too middle class, brought up proper or just like to be polite but really some people are just weird. 

I’ve just been to a baby function.  The room held 300 mothers and their kids: yeah, it was a bit noisy, but that’s how this life goes.  Seated at a table of 8, with my fellow mothers group friend were 6 other mothers all with babies aged from 3 weeks to 4 months.    You can’t ignore that fact we were all mothers, all at this function and all had babies with us.  It’s not like we have no common interests..the things were sitting in our laps, hanging off our shoulders.  Isn’t there a commonality that’s obvious?  we are all recent mothers ?

So why was it so hard to talk amongst ourselves?  say hello, how old is your baby?  We’re not catching public transport here.. don’t ignore the other people sitting at your table.

Aren’t we dying to get out, do something, not be stuck at home? I did have a laugh with the two mothers to my right.  They talked about being excited to attend a friend’s baby shower and they looked forward to getting out.  Another said her baby was terrible in the car and completely screamed.  Today, however, she was determined to get out and planned a feed beforehand and straight into the car. 

These are the conversations; simple desires to leave the house!  the joy of escape and entry into civilized society.  Perhaps we are all captives to our babies and dumbstruck in society.  After months indoors spent with a writhing baby who can’t engage you intellectually we may have lost our civility.  But a ‘hello what’s your name’ should still be achievable.


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