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When you wish apon a coloured star

‘No, No, No, No, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes’ went the phone call on my end.  The other end was a lady from Bugaboo telling me I won the pram;  the Missoni pram.  She delivered it today and I went on a series of walks in order to show it off  test it out.

A few things about the pram.  It’s worth squillions, it’s not available in the shops, it’s very colourful and obvious and I’ve got the first one in Australia; but, my she is a joy to drive.

The pram comes with a hood and blanket designed in bright Missoni colours.  I won’t put a link to Missoni because I’ll assume you (that’s all three of you) know who they are & if you don’t then google them.  Chloe looked a bit startled then happily started sucking the blanket.  Atta girl.

I walked cautiously around the block then took the long walk to the shops to see what reaction I got.  But it was my reaction which was the strangest.   I’m not used to such a status item.  It felt odd like I had unintentional pink hair or a crazy hat.  I stood out, I drew attention.  The cafe staff  looked wide eyed at me ‘colourful box’ they said (that’s cool talk for pram) ‘yeah, I got it today’… that’s me being non-chalant and unaffected by the hipsters talking to me.

In the supermarket it definitely helped clear the lanes…..people could see me coming. So the pram has magical lane clearing powers.  At the checkout the lovely worn out cashier smiled and looked at Chloe, she obligingly giggled and smiled back and at that moment her smile and adorable 4 month old face eclipsed the awesomeness of the pram.  A babies’ smile beats anything.

ps. for those who knew my mum.. wouldn’t she have been just as excited as me 🙂


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