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Succumbing to designer Prams

Like the dreaded 4WD’s clogging the narrow roads around inner city Sydney I take exception to giant designer prams and smug mothers hogging the footpaths.

At the first mother’s group meeting the pram parking room easily held $20,000 worth of prams.  I had the rented car seat in my hands.

Designer prams are easily $1,500 with limited edition ones climbing to $5,000 and more.  Before pregnancy a cafe near me was crowded with a certain brand pram and only that brand.  Being the non-conformist that I am I was determined not to be swayed by mother envy or group dynamics.

I researched the most useful, lightest pram on the market and came up with a Japanese brand called Combi.  It takes from newborn up to 20 kgs.  It folds with one button has a giant sun hood (perfect for hot Australia) and we purchased it from eBay at half price.  The seller was as enthusiastic as we were and reluctantly sold it because of baby No. 2 coming.  I was stopped a few times by mothers with giant prams and asked about it.

Each morning I would pack Chloe, harness the dog and go walking.  The little wheels kept baulking at rough footpaths, it clacked over the concrete and stumbled on leaves and branches.  Chloe stared at me through the mesh window and eventually started crying.   It was great in the supermarket, fitted and lifted easily on a bus and compacted into the boot of my small car beautifully.   But it was crap when I took it for a long walk.

For the funeral of our Aunt my sister then offered me her old Bugaboo. The brand of glama mothers and street hoggers;  it was a place where Chloe could sleep during the service.   It moved beautifully, it softly glided over footpaths and up steps and most importantly Chloe slept and kept on sleeping.

We took the Bugaboo the next evening up to the local takeaway.  The handles were higher and therefore more comfortable for us tall parents.  The wheels were wider and we didn’t get our feet caught. It slid over the gutters and bumpy footpaths.  She fell asleep within minutes of being placed in the pram and stayed asleep.

The Bugaboo is now the most essential item in my life as a parent. It is the magic sleeping pram.

I’m crossing my fingers and hope I win this new Bugaboo (the current one has no brakes)


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