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Everythings Great !

While sitting at the cafe yesterday Teena asked how things are going ‘Everything’s great ! ‘ I said with more than a rushed sense of enthusiasm.  Teena stared at me and in that pause I thought back over the morning.

You see ‘everything’s great’ is not the same as it used to be.  A full night’s sleep? no.  House tidy and machines humming the clothes and dishes clean? no.  All clean clothes in drawers and cupboards not either on the line or on the floor.  no. Fridge full of food. no.  My clothes (those currently worn) free of milky vomits? no.

The morning started at 3am for a feed.  My dressing gown is covered in milk spots and so is the carpet surrounding the feeding chair.  Luckily the dog licks the top layer of milk off the carpet.  Settling, after hiccups and burps lasted until 4:30am.  She then woke up at 6:30am all fresh and happy.

The Faux Husband looked after her while I showered.  I can’t look at myself in the mirror.  The grey hairs are more obvious, the stomach gut has expanded,  my thighs are growing handles and the leg hairs are long and lengthy.  I just give up.  If I wear a cashmere jumper at least my skin feels nice to me.

Chloe then cried and keep regurgitating milk all morning and had another sleep in the magic sleeping pram while I walked 2 kms to the cafe.

My coffee arrived, the baby was asleep and just at that moment I felt like everything was great.   It was the momentary truth and really that’s how I see it.

Side note: I really hate cafes that don’t table serve you. When you’re alone with a child and you can’t even fit the pram through the mini door to order and pay at the counter which is also three odd steps away and even harder to get close to with a pram, I just abandon the pram at a table and queue up with everyone else.


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