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Being Practical for a moment.  I’ve a few pregnant friends and giving them advice on what to buy, where to shop and how to keep it all in budget.  This advice is all given with the coda ‘this works for me’.

Nappies:   Like the ever changing price of petrol I am now obsessed with the price of nappies.  My cousin takes a calculator to the supermarket.  Luckily we have price per unit on the shelves.  This means you can see how much each nappy costs and as we ruin another or change her for no reason we cry out ‘there goes another 26c’

The first biggest surprise is the frigging amount they go through.  6 to 8 in 24 hours!  I thought they were like underwear and lasted a day.  Well until I get some nifty washable/ reusable ones on ebay I’m going with Aldi.  This German supermarket is fab.  We tried Huggies but they are shit.  The lining in Aldis were much drier.  That said the Huggies newborn were smaller than Aldi newborns and we did prefer those at first.

Here’s a really exciting picture of my Aldi baby purchases.  
Compared to products at Woolies and Coles all these items are much cheaper and the same if not better quality.
1.  Baby Wipes container & re-fill of baby wipes in giant bag
2.  Dummies – pack of 3 $3.69 or 1.23 per
3.  Nappies.  Newborn are $4.99 for 28 or 18 c per.  Picture is 4-8kg Infant are $13.99 for 56 or 25 c per
4.  Nappy bags.  For travelling.  These are like peach – scented dog poo bags.  I pack one clean nappy in a bag for the stroller or handbag rather than carry the whole packet with me.
And best of all Aldi now do formula!  We just bought the can and still using S26 which costs around $20 (give or take weekly discounting)  Aldi is $14.99.   We’ll be checking her possets and poo to see if the formula is good i.e  do a sniff test. If she stinks too much we’ll change formula.
Aldi’s prices never fluctuate, except down, so I can rely on the prices when I shop.  I do love Aldi and have heard rumours they are opening a store in Waterloo on Danks and Young Sts soon.  Life will be grand.

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