Hectic Mum

Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

The 3 month milestone

‘You’re halfway between the parent who wants to know everything about your baby and the one who does know everything about your baby’   Jo Frost AKA Super Nanny.

We hit 3 months last week.  That morning her Grandmother and I dressed her in a once baggy jumpsuit. As we struggled to do the buttons the collar barely came over her shoulder.  It was too short.  Off to the storage box with that one.

I am in amazement at her growth.  It’s blink and she’s bigger,  she sleeps and she wakes up different.  The more astonishing part is the development.  From recognising her hands exist to clutching her muslin or top and then recognising it’s gone and being happy when returned.  Of course we think this is the sign of a genius!

Playing with her brings out new noises, new abilities, new frowns of concentration, new smiles and giggles.  You look forward to playing, reading or talking just to get a new reaction or see a new action.

On another note Harvey Norman are doing 5c digital prints this month.  That amounts to 100 prints for $5.  I need deals like this is keep up with relatives and my own personal demands.


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