Hectic Mum

Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

The Chubbo-Meter

Chubbo-Meter =  growth and signs of fatty rolls, cheeks of pinchable quality and protruding tums.  Highly desirable in gummy babies not so in middle aged people.

The Chubbo meter is climbing high on Miss 3 months.  The creases in the rolls of fat and big blossoming cheeks are a great sign.   She feels noticeably heavier each day…  she must be climbing to a hefty 7 kilos ! which is great for arm muscle development but not good for posture.  I always think about standing straight, holding in the core muscles while nursing her as you can get that hunched look easily.

Chloe is now 3 months.  Her formula-only based diet is definitely contributing to her chubbiness.


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