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Bloody Daylight Savings

There goes the beautiful schedule. The clocks changed on the weekend ending daylight savings. Its the good clock change; the sleeping in feeling of the ‘extra hour’. However Chloe (Miss 3 months) doesn’t know that. She must be thinking ‘Who changed the world on me?’

I didn’t expect an hour would make this horrible difference. Last year I wrote a ‘Heckle’ for The Sydney Morning Herald about this time change; complaining about the number of clocks to change and some which changed themselves.  This year my heckle would be like Chloe’s complaint…. why change the world..it was working perfectly well, thank you.

For example;  instead of putting Miss to bed at 7pm, one feed at 4am and back to bed. She woke at 12am, then 2am and then 5am.  This one hour change has created timetable chaos and no sleep for us.  We can’t feed and play with her in the same way as she is struggling and irritable unlike last week.  Some babies need a very rigid timetable in order to be manageable and perhaps Chloe at 3 months was just getting her baby groove in order before this clock change disrupted it all.

If we ever travel or go through another clock change I’ll stick to her timetable initially.  The best method is to push each feed/ play/ sleep moment by 15 mins in order to smooth a time change.  On the other hand I’m sure there are more changes and more disruptions ahead; not just clock changes, and they will change the timetable all over again.


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