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The 12 week mark

It’s seen as a milestone, the 12 week mark.  Everything settles, the baby becomes more enjoyable, things are working and development noticeable.  Friday (3 days time) will be her 12 week mark.

I just struggled for a hour just now putting her to sleep.  I knew she was tired and started the mechanisms to get her to sleep – swaddling, dummy, rocking but it can take a few goes.  My goal is to put her in the cot, awake but tired, and she then understands it’s time to sleep.  She struggled, looked unhappy, made angry sounds through her dummy and so I walked out, closed the door and bingo she’s now asleep. We find the more she struggles the quicker she falls asleep.  All that energy exhausts her.

But that scene is a great improvement and part of celebrating getting to the 12 week mark.

Her smiles are fantastic.  She has an amazing internal clock and wakes at 7am on the dot.  I say ‘good Morning Chloe’ to her and she delights me with a mass of smiles.  Yes, I am totally in love with her and this is what makes the 3am feeding forgivable.

Other things she is now doing.

1. Dribbling lots of saliva.  I believe they can’t swallow properly and this all cascades out.

‘Babies are wet’ said my friend Linda.

2.  Hands.  She’s discovered her hands.  Babies are unaware of their limbs at first.  That thing flying past their face was probably an arm and the other thing hitting them is a hand.   They have no control to start with and look like masochists with lots of nail marks from flying hands.  Now she is wringing her hands like Lady Macbeth.

3.  Eyes.  Much more alert. The stare bear effect is now in place.  Newborns only just manage to peep and it’s hard to see the eyes.  So nice to see her lovely big eyes.

4.   Faces, mouths and staring.   You can buy all the mobiles and floor toys you like but faces, mouths and talking entertain them best.  I have an adoring audience of one when talking about life in general.  She will listen to anything and be fascinated.

5.  Talking. The community nurse, Anne Marie, said to just talk and if you can’t think of anything then tell your baby ‘how Mummy meet Daddy stories’.   The mother next to me started to say ‘Mummy liked going to the cocktail bar where Daddy was a bartender’.. .mine would be ‘  Mummy and Daddy both like 80’s music and one day we went to a Spandau Ballet concert ‘

Finally I have over 2,000 photos of her already.

She is learning to lift her dress and show her matching knickers 🙂


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