Hectic Mum

Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

How I feel… so far

This is a little in response to a blog I enjoy following,  Fashion’s Most Wanted and a post about contemplating having a baby, which she did in a way I would, with humour and fun.

It’s made me think about the past year of pregnancy & the thoughts of having a child and these first 20 days of parenthood.

1.  I’m overwhelmed at how kind, generous and happy people are about my pregnancy and parenthood.  Sure there’s lots of advice given, but from your friends and family it’s fine. I didn’t get any bad advice, nor stressy concern from many strangers.

2.  No-one wanted to touch my stomach without them asking and despite previously thinking it would be gross and inappropriate it was a lovely sharing thing and it became enjoyable.

3.  I haven’t turned into a hippy nature mother.  I’m taking all the injections and medical help I can.

4.  I was happy from the beginning.  Once I knew I was preggers I was crying in the shower most mornings with joy.   It is special and magical and amazing that as women we can do this.

5.  I was up for the wardrobe challenge and never went into a maternity store.  I was surprised how many of my clothes and normal shop clothes worked for the bumpy shape.  The main purchases were maternity bras (black of course) a bunch of leggings,  some tie-dyed dresses from eBay and the swimsuits.

6.  I looked at Vintage stores for some inspiration but found little there.  All my caftans were heavily used and looked great with big necklaces and sandals.  I wore a black kaftan (a lovely crepe silk) on the fashion tours for Chic in the City which is one of my jobs.

7.  I didn’t blow up like a balloon. Not exactly the fittest person and I enjoyed ice-cream like never before, hardly exercised, only keep active walking the dog …and that was only around a small block.  At 20 days post birth I feel normal again and only have a little of the stomach to go.  Boobs are a bit droopy but nothing a good bra can’t fix.

8.  I drank, I ate soft cheese, had sashimi and ham but no oysters.   I got the okay for raw fish from someone else’s ob.  My Japanese sister-in-law, who was also pregnant,  was ravenous for it and some days it’s just what I craved.   My cousin, while pregnant in London said everyone eats smoked salmon which was a no-no here. Cheese, from unpasteurised milk is not safe but in Australia we don’t have those cheeses anyway.

As for drinking I just didn’t feel like it.  I’d have one beer a week while at pub trivia and a few glasses of the good bubbly stuff at Christmas.   I lost my champagne face fat and quite enjoyed seeing my cheekbones again.

9.  You don’t loose as much hair during pregnancy so it feels really full.  I called it my ‘American hair’ i.e.thick and luxurious, because it reminded me of some infomercial for hair extensions or such.

 10.  I’m not a baby person.  They scream, I hand them back.  I asked my mother, a teacher, about this and she replied ‘You’ll love your own’ .  She’s not around for me to tell her, she was right.

11.  The father of my child was the right person.  I’ve never felt like I was with the right person.  This applies from an emotional side.  We aren’t wealthy. This is probably the poorest I’ve ever been, but being emotionally prepared is more important than financially prepared.  The Faux Husband works a few nights a week as a DJ and is around almost all the time to be a father.

12.  My apartment is perfect for kids, well, one child.  Still have to secure all doors and round off sharp corners.  We almost bought a new couch until we discovered how much milky regurgitation she creates.

13.  We are both 80’s music nuts and I’ve sung Duran Duran and The Stranglers ‘Golden Brown’ to her as lullabies.   A couple of years ago I played Abba and James Brown to my cousins (4 & 2)  we had great fun being ‘the hardest working man in show business’ and dancing to ‘Ring Ring’.   The music fun you can have with kids is my excuse to dance around the lounge room.

14.  All the things to buy.  The baby industry is in full guilt mode.  So many products all seeming to press a magic parenting button or magic sleeping button.  The trick is to buy only what you  need…but there are so many cute well designed things and the Kido store presses all my design buttons.  I can’t find an image but they have a show pony wall decoration hand made of cloth, sequins and a single white feather.  While I don’t have a Kido store budget then Ikea more than satisfies.

Chloe’s room with Ikea mosquito net

15.  We are still ourselves & not mad baby people.  We are in awe of her existence but quickly need to switch to not thinking about her every moment & just relax, have fun or just catch up with normal activities.

16.  Most importantly, is The Love.  She is so tiny, so full of character, funny faces, poo, little groovy clothes, her stuff is all over the house, my sleep is all over the place but I’m madly in love with her, even though the crying is hard and getting her to sleep is either really easy or hours of doing the same tricks to no effect.  When she’s happy I get a powerful surge of love.


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