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Still on that issue – bottle/ breast

I’ve been annoyed these last few weeks. When I try to read up on bottle feeding such as advice on changing formula, types of bottles, amount and speed of feeding the information is very scare or prefaced with ‘breast is best’ introductions.  I know breast is best but we are past that stage.  The chapters on feeding baby are focused on the breast fed babies with scant reference to bottle feeding.

So I am constantly reminded of the first week of her life.  I had a clear unwavering desire to breastfeed and I couldn’t do it.  I genuinally believed it didn’t work for me and that feeding her via a bottle was the best decision.  When I read this statement ‘Almost all mothers can breastfeed successfully’ and ‘most issues can be overcome with the right approach’  I was angry.  I had all the right intentions and I gave it a good go for 7 days but when your child is screaming and you yearn to feed, however you can, with every part of you focused on being a good parent, then you get a bottle, they feed, they fall asleep and all your stress is lifted, then you know you’ve done the right thing.


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