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This was going to be the toughest swimsuit purchase ever.  Not only preggers but fussy, super fussy.  A denial type of fussy.  Unfortunately there is no hiding in a department change room mirror.

The benefit, I thought, which would make the whole thing a snap was that I was no longer concerned about my stomach.  My whitey, pot-bellishy, random pubed hair gut.  Now that it was sticking out and being fabulously firm and taunt I could try on bikinis.  The gut would be out and about exposed to the fresh air for the first time since I was 10.  With my new giant bazookers I would be this lush preggers woman enjoying the ocean totally unconcerned with her body.

I blithely took all the latest bikinis to the change room,  hiding the actual number in a random hand grab.  I hate being told to take only 4 items.  These are swimming costumes!  you need a whole rack of them at one time.  This is the most undressed you get for any item and they limit the number?

First attempt, the boobs didn’t fit into anything.  It was all very front-cover-mens-mag up top.   Okay so I’ll get tops with wider side straps.

Second attempt.  Looks like I’m not a 12 but a 14 creeping into 16.  Damn, I don’t want to look in the mature ladies section. 

Me and several skinny things all looking at the Zimmerman, Bondi Beach and Camilla and Marc sections.  Decide not to feel out of place. Display surety of sizing and design by carefully going through the designer racks.

Picked a selection of coloured costumes.  Not going to hide my shape in a black soft stomached one-piece.

Try to sneak a larger amount into change room than ever before.  Get reprimanded by assistant who rushes from behind desk to count my coat hangers.  “Can I help you?”  she asks.  “Reality is slowly sinking in” I respond.

My goal was to purchase one good costume but with Stiglette due in mid January the last and heaviest month will be spent lying in my apartment’s pool.  I succumbed to one bikini and one full piece($300 later) and it’s my biggest single purchase since being pregnant.

Zimmerman Gathered Rectangle One piece in blue and white with ruched sides. 

The side gathering, a very 50s look, is perfect for big stomachs.  I’m not sure they knew a preggers woman would love it so much.

Costume No. 2  from Seafolly …and yeah, I look exactly like her but with bump in front.


One comment on “Swimsuits

  1. Swiftly
    March 24, 2011

    Designer swimsuit not only makes the wearer look stunning, but also it makes her feel special while at the beach or just having a nice tan..


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