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Wk 21 – Waist Envy

Watching True Blood at the moment.  It’s full of super fit vampires types, in fact I think they are the fittest cast in America.   Because it’s set in the American South, its also always hot, so singlet tops, no tops and shorts are the standard wardrobe.

As I lie in my tracksuit on a rainy night watching this series, along with the growing bump, I’m now experiencing waist envy.   Belts are now languishing in a basket, shirts gape between bump and trousers.  Everything is empire waisted, fabrics float over my bump.  Damn it I’ll wear something tight just to feel neat and contained.

Flat stomachs, despite not really having one before, are eyed with desire. I can understand that frantic need to get your body back after birth.  I thought jogging with your baby looked obsessive and now I’m asking friends if they have one of these ‘jogger’ prams I can borrow.  As much as I love what my body is doing, it’s what it used to be able to do, what I could wear that I miss.


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This entry was posted on October 29, 2010 by in tru blood, waists, wk 21.
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