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What did we do before leggings?  I live in them.   Not as hard to put on as tights and easier to wear in all types of weather I don’t think any of us could predict how essential leggings would become to our wardrobe.

Was it about 4 or 5 years ago that leggings returned?  They solved all sorts of problems and for me it was the hairy winter leg issue.  My fast growing leg hairs loved poking out of opaque tights during the off-wax season.  Nothing like looking down at your legs particulary while you are trying to look professional or elegant and all you see is random leg hairs jutting out of black stockings..leggings contain all those strays.  A fashion miracle.

The few I have were in high rotation so off to Target for some patterned types.  Not only are they great for regular life, but in preggers life, they are my absolute essential.   I’ve noticed so many tops are in that difficult length.  Too short for a dress and too long as a top. Enter the ‘tunic’ as a fashion term. It’s designed for wearing with leggings.

3 leggings for $60 all black but slightly different materials and finishes and I’m happy.


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This entry was posted on October 29, 2010 by in leggings.
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