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Bras and Knickers

The first maternity purchase, for me, was the maternity bra, with the flip down fronts.  You can’t wear underwire any more, one of the upteen rules of being preggers.  My boobs are now boulders and point in south-east-west directions..no longer true north.  Mat bras give me that saggy booby lady look.  Then they start to itch, then sweat both underneath and in between.   I rush to remove the bra when I’m at home and love using really tight lycra tee shirts to flatten them in to a mono-boob shape.

I long for what I no longer have.  Small easy boobs that fit into snappy lacey wired bras.

A recent conversation with some older women at a wedding, where one revealed she wanted boobs.  ‘Over-rated’ I said.  ‘Big heavy mangled puppies, correction, no longer puppies, they are soggy shar-peis’

And they are only going to get bigger.  Hurrah.

As for knickers ( I love that word)  still managing to use the regular sort although I believe I have super nanna knickers to look forward to.  It’s the putting on that is interesting.  With one hand on the wall I can get a leg in at a time as bending is now obstructed.  


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This entry was posted on October 29, 2010 by in bras, knickers, week 21.
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