Hectic Mum

Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic


I’m drinking alcohol. I had a Guinness last night and it was very nice.

Cut me down and maul me but I will drink.

The Faux Husband wanted to have a beer last Friday & suggested I try a Guinness in fact he would teach me how to drink it. Apparently I needed to take a bigger sip. It’s too bitter taken in small sips. I don’t assume that Guinness is better for me than any other drink as studies have proven it isn’t however I do enjoy a large glass of beer. You can really make it last and let everyone else have their seconds.

I was a bit of a drinker before and am thoroughly enjoying not drinking. Secretly I’ve been waiting for this time to have a great excuse not to indulge. My body naturally rejected drinking for the first 4 months. Didn’t need, crave or want – the perfect way to cut down.

But one glass of beer weekly, or a glass to go with a special dinner is all I need.


Daily Mail UK – Guinness is not good for you

BBC – Guinness could be good for you

Medscape – Light alcohol studies



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