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Name Fatigue

“You’ve lived too long, met too many people and have opinions on so many names” so said my brother about finding the right name. “All the good names have been taken” he then added.

He’s right. It’s much harder as an older parent to come up with a good name.

Let’s be clear about my starting point. No funny spellings, no made up names, no planets, countries or US states. Now I add to the cross-off list, any duplications amongst family and friends, names of frenemies and names of current contestants on reality shows. I’m trying to keep the name “safe” from any associations or connotations. You can’t foresee the future, I know, but giving the potential list a good slash and burn.

Starting with Reciting all the family names; anything in the family we can re-use? any family dedications? What is a good name ? something solid, not open to misinterpretation.

Then onto baby name books, new name books, new age name books, 21st Century name books, foreign name books, Celtic, Druid, Scandinavian names, Model names (always interesting)

What about meeting someone’s pet and it has the name you like? What happens when you’re in the park and yell out ‘Rex’ or ‘Coco’ , do all dogs and children of this name proceed toward you? When you need to report them missing – which will eventually happen in a supermarket or fun fair – that you are firstly looking for ‘Lulu’, and it’s a child not a dog

Now we’re left with very little and I’m tired of thinking of alternatives. I have name fatigue.

The biggest shock was seeing what’s on the Top Ten names list. Our shortlist is full of Top Ten names. Of course we checked the Australian, English and US lists. We are reconciling ourselves with a popular name.

I spoke to a few old friends who all have the same name as each other. We often refer to them by their full names eg Sarah Jones or Sarah Brown or have entirely replaced their names with a nick name ‘Chocker’ or ‘Blondie’. Over the years you replace a popular name with something unique to identify them especially in a class room full of their name contemporaries. Strangely you call them by their original name when alone.

The name we can’t cross off, interestingly, our first choice, is a Top Ten name. It’s works beautifully with the middle and last name and I can’t stop referring to the bump as that name, it’s ingrained now, it feels right.


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