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20 Weeks – Food issues

I’ll backtrack on the first 20 weeks and give you a back story, when I’m not tired or watching ‘Hot Seat’ or any other crime or bonnet drama on tv.

Today was my third visit to McDonalds as a pregnant eating machine. This breaks my record for the decade. Cheeseburger, chips and diet coke. Then I walked the dog while I farted it out. There are special farts for McDonald’s food & you need gusty winds and large park.

All week I’ve planned meals. I slow cooked chicken, then made risotto, then baked a cake for Dad, taken the vitamins and eaten fruit. I’ve also consumed two bags of chips and the above mentioned Mac meal. I barely walk the dog these days, except around the block with a cup of tea in the morning. She’s currently chasing a fly around the house for exercise.

There are no one-off cravings in pregnancy, the whole thing is a craving. I have to eat what my body tells me and only that thing. It takes about 20 mins to work out what that thing is. Banana ? no. Strawberry ? no Apricots? no. Piece of Chocolate? yes. It’s like a massive divining rod, guiding me to what I need.

Perversely the smell of good food can be enormously enticing while I have super nasal skills, but I can’t eat what may smell delicious. Testing my nose as I walked down a street full of cafes and restaurants, my nose gave me such pleasure. The moist melted cheese from the pizzeria, the fragrant curries from the Nepalese Kitchen, the sausages from the Polish cafe all smelt amazing, but none got the okay from my stomach. It seems they are doing battle. The nose approves but the stomach doesn’t.

My sister craved apples during her pregnancy when normally she never eats them. Another said she ate potatoes and mince, all the good foods were abandoned. My diet is looking like a meat lovers menu, all chops, bolognese and chicken. It’s just so weird.

How were/ are your eating habits ?


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