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Sydney Mum finding motherhood is totes hectic

Turmeric Latte; so hip right now

It might be a Gywneth thing, it might be a hip thing, but right now I actually like this drink.  Maybe because I’ve normalised this drink.  No Almond milk, just … Continue reading

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Littlies & Large Festivals

There is a light festival called Vivid here in Sydney.  It is stunning to look at, it’s unique and an absolute success for getting people out in winter.   Coloured … Continue reading

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The non-importance of Resilience

So we made a wrong turn, the traffic was bad, I didn’t pack enough snacks or extra undies.  They are upset, looking sad or crying. The kids will survive, in … Continue reading

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So, how’s school going?

Kindergarten, Term 1.  First child is about to finish her first term at school.  It’s all momentous.  Huge learning curves of scheduling, packing lunches, remembering which day to pack a … Continue reading

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Vaccine Scares ~ again

So Robert De Niro thinks the voice of a debunked doctor, the one who said there was a link between vaccines and autism, deserves a film slot at his TriBeCa … Continue reading

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Gift etiquette

The morning of the party I texted the birthday girl’s mum to say we couldn’t come to her girls’ 4th birthday.  My girl had a fever and the party was … Continue reading

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Sharing; what is this word you speak of?

“Sharing is like swapping”, said Miss 4.5. “My turn then your turn then my turn again” (emphasis on the MY).  They do get the idea of turns and sharing.  They … Continue reading

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